Audience Development Lead

DETROIT, Mich. - Graham Media Group's digital properties are top performing locally-focused web and mobile sites, mobile apps, OTT apps, social and YouTube channels associated with broadcast television news stations in key markets across the country, as well as several stand-alone digital properties aimed at national audiences.


The audience development lead will be responsible for growing and engaging GMG’s digital audience, with our biggest focus being growing the number of unique and highly-engaged users visiting our websites utilizing GMG’s digital acquisition channels (SEO, social media and email newsletter subscribers, engagement strategies and membership).

The audience development lead reports to the director of Digital Operations, and plays an important part in digital content strategy while collaborating with digital managers and news teams at stations to drive success.


The ideal candidate will be an ambitious self-starter with an expert grasp of analytics tools and data interpretation, along with a fluency in social media, email newsletters and marketing. The candidate should be goal-oriented, and possess sound editorial judgment and excellent communication skills, and must have an excellent understanding of all the possible channels we use to develop and engage audiences, and prioritize the time we spend on these to create a balanced and well-rounded audience development strategy that maximizes growth potential. The ideal candidate possesses excellent decision-making skills with a knack for identifying, prioritizing, and articulating the highest impact initiatives.

Key strategic focuses:

  • Audience growth
  • Audience engagement
  • Newsletter subscriber growth
  • SEO
  • Social
  • Digital marketing
  • Results-driven sales initiatives
  • Analytics insights

The audience development lead will:

  • Work closely with digital leadership to determine and meet growth KPIs and ensure that they align with overall brand strategy. Use data to help guide decisions and strategic priorities, and to manage site performance.
  • Monitor and analyze data from Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Chartbeat, among others, to understand user behavior and help formulate new content and audience-development strategies. Help develop growth models and reporting to track goals and inform our decisions. 
  • Focus on site sign-on and engagement metrics to actively maintain and recruit highly engaged users.
  • Develop strategies to reach new audience pockets and create communities of engagement to build on brand loyalty.
  • Collaborate with consumer marketing, production, edit, and design to evolve user acquisition and retention strategies.
  • Generate creative solutions to drive more visitors through social media, newsletters and natural search.
  • Develop email newsletters content strategies, with an eye on growing our subscription base and keeping users engaged.  Suggest content and subject line best practices for newsletters, maintain newsletter sweeps and maintain list hygiene best practices including Life Cycle Optimization.
  • Work with departments outside of the newsroom to create and implement a marketing strategy on platforms including Facebook and Instagram, and develop organic and paid strategies that drive user acquisition and support audience retention.
  • Work with sales planning and editorial at stations to ensure sales impression guarantees are appropriately projected and met.
  • Work with station editorial teams to ensure editorial staff are following SEO and social media best practice, and collaborate with them on content strategy.
  • Undertake keyword research to understand search volume and competition, finding opportunities for us to increase search traffic through keyword targeting and SEO-focused and link building content strategies.
  • Pioneer and think outside the box. Being a creative thinker, you will create and try out new ideas, utilizing research and tests new tactics, while thinking of ways data from search engines or social networks can be used in non-traditional methods to benefit the company.



To apply please send resume via email to:

Mike Katona, digital products manager

Graham Media Group 2018