New, improved commenting tool on N4J articles

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We value the input of our viewers and readers, and have opened up articles to comments for more than 10 years. But some comments generate concern, even irritation, when the conversation turns ugly.

After months of discussion and weeks of planning, we are moving to a different commenting platform this week that is designed to elevate the level of conversation.

Our current Facebook-driven comments at the bottom of News4Jax articles will go away to make room for the new commenting tool (Disqus), so, in an effort to cause the least disruption, we made the switch in the wee hours of the morning at the beginning of a new week.

With the new commenting tool in place Monday morning, you'll be asked to create an account with Disqus -- unless you've used this tool on another media website (such as CNN, NPR, People magazine) or used to comment on News4Jax a few years back.

You can edit and delete your own accounts and use basic HTML formatting in your posts. Please be aware that comments made on the new Disqus platform may be searchable on public search engines.

If you're wondering why we're going back to the commenting platform we left, it's because they have improved the tool. Comment discussions can now be threaded, making it easier to follow along, and you can now reply directly to each others' comments.

Also, by default, comments will be sorted by comment quality, allowing you to read the best comments first -- and our viewers can help determine which comments appear near the top and which should be near the bottom of the discussion. If you prefer, you can change your default to sort by newest or oldest instead.

Comments made through the Facebook tool on archive stories did have to go away during the switchover, and for that we apologize. But we hope you'll find that the inconvenience of having to set up a Disqus account for commenting will be worth it for a better experience.

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