Future of cars is changing, and it could leave the DMV in your rear view for good

Is this the next big thing in automotive technology?


With some cars, it's almost as if the insides are nicer than the insides of some people's homes, with touch screens and fancy buttons that light up. Cars even drive themselves at this point, so it's no surprise that the rusted piece of metal on the back of your car finally got a facelift. 

Introducing the digital license plate that has so many functions, it might be overwhelming at first. States across the country are slowly but surely warming up to the idea of a digital license plate, with Michigan becoming the first state to pass them into law. 

And as you can see in the photo above, these new digital plates are about to make your car look extra sleek and expensive. 

So what are the benefits to having a digital license plate, aka the Rplate, as opposed to a traditional plate?

Having the Rplate is basically like having a fancy computer on the back of your car, kind of like James Bond did. The most genius part is that the plate can automatically renew your registration with the DMV, so you can kiss those long lines goodbye. Your new tags automatically populate on the digital screen, so you have nothing to do but drive. 

The Rplate also has a tracking device, so if your plate is stolen, you can determine exactly where it is. 

The plate is extremely helpful in emergency situations, too. If an Amber Alert is issued in your area, for instance, the screen will show all the information about the Amber Alert, and still have your license plate number in the top corner. Even an extreme weather alert will show up on the screen, so other drivers around you will be alerted as well. 

Or maybe you want to show off your college pride on your license plate, or even your favorite NFL team? The Rplate has settings so you can customize your plate the way you want it to look, so the possibilities are practically endless. 

Reviver Auto is the creator of the Rplate, the world’s first and only digital license plate. The plates have already been tested in California and are ready to go in Michigan, once the government finalizes the details on the digital plates. 

"Instead of going to the DMV, you can use an app to do the registration on your vehicle," said Reviver Auto CEO Neville Boston.

Luckily, other states are beginning to get in on this 2019 trend, with states like Texas and Florida already passing legislation. Washington will conduct a digital license plate study soon. 

All of this new technology will cost you more than just your normal plate, of course. Rplates are available in $499 and $799 models.

To get more information on how Rplates could change the automotive industry forever, check out the video below.