Glimmer helps people with disabilities meet others

A mother in St. Johns County is on a mission to make the lives of those with disabilities easier through a new online community.

"The goal is to give people with any challenges in life to be happier," said Christine Anderson, the founder of Glimmer. 

Glimmer is a social platform for people with disabilities to connect and form relationships with other people. Christine Anderson said her inspiration comes from her family. 

"Stephen is my son with a disability," Christine Anderson said. "He was missing this piece, and so, he was our inspiration to start this program, and we also used him a lot in guiding us in planning the app."

Stephen Anderson has had disabilities throughout his whole life, but he's constantly overcome the odds. He said Glimmer is an important tool for socializing.

"Meet friends, yeah. For those who don't have anyone else to go out with. Like me, for example, I'm always going out by myself," Stephen Anderson said.

"Nothing like this has been done yet, and when we've done some focus groups and talking to other people, there seems to be a lot of excitement that something like this is actually being attempted," Christine Anderson said. 

Glimmer will launch its new website at the end of July, and it will eventually turn into an app. ​It will also include information about job training and independent living.

"I want them to have as full of a life as everybody else," Christine Anderson said.

If you're interested in being a part of the online community, you can sign up here.