In the market for new tech? Make sure you ‘future-proof’ it

Future Proof Your Technology
Future Proof Your Technology

When you buy a phone ready for the 5G future or a computer with the size and resolution to render in 8K you’re actually part of a trend called future-proofing or anticipating the needs of future technology.

Futureproofing means buying tech with the specs to survive the next wave of upgrades. These specs include display, compatibility, and software.

8K, 5G, OLED, it’s the future of tech.

So, what do you need to know?

Buying a TV or monitor? Don’t worry about 8K. While it’s possible to buy an 8K display at a high cost, there won’t be any content to watch for several years. 4K OLED is what you’re looking for.

Also, smart TVs pre-loaded with apps may seem convenient, but when a new streaming service comes out, like Peacock or Paramount plus, you won’t be able to download the apps or stream those shows. Smart devices like Firestick, Chrome cast, or even a gaming console are what you want.

Norton reports it’s also important to know if your service providers release frequent program updates. As time goes on hackers find new ways to break into smartphones, computers and devices. Patching these holes in the software often will keep your information and your identity safe.