Jax among worst cities for cellphone reception

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Are you plagued by dropped calls? Is your download speed slow as molasses?

Time magazine released its list of America's top 10 worst cities for mobile phone reception, and Jacksonville ranks No. 8.

That may not be surprising to some like William Hardin, who recently switched from Verizon to AT&T in hopes of getting better reception.

"It seems like if I'm in somebody's house or even my house, I don't get no reception at all," Hardin said. "And it just doesn't make no sense if I'm going in one door into your house and you should still have the same service."

"It's the largest city, they say, with land-wise," Hardin added. "You would think we could have more towers."

Zan Beaver has AT&T, too, and he said dropped calls are a frequent problem for him.

"Like in my home, for example, there are only certain spots I can stand to get reception," Beaver said. "(I) get dropped calls more often there."

According to Time magazine's list, Sprint has the best service in the River City, and T-Mobile has the worst.

Those companies did not comment on the list.

Many cellphone users say although they don't want a phone with spotty service, it's not the sole reason they choose a certain carrier. They say they also look for the best deals with plans and phones with savvy features.

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