Phone calls while flying could become a reality

Company working to make in-flight calls possible

By Robert Brown - Producer
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The days of stuffing electronics away during flights will soon be over. And soon, you could also be able to make calls during flights. That is, if one company has anything to do with it.

Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration approved the use of smartphones and tablets during flights. That includes texting, using apps and games... everything except phone calls will be allowed while in the air.

But one company is trying to change that. Gogo is a vendor that provides in-flight Wi-Fi. It is reportedly  set to launch a service that allows fliers to use their smartphones as if on the ground. But airlines are not excited about the idea.

A spokesperson for Gogo says "The texting service is almost guaranteed to launch, but voice calls may be a harder sell for domestic airlines."

 The text service will work on just about any android or Apple smartphone. Users access it by downloading an app that links to Gogo's network. It will then become active when a plane reaches an altitude of 10,000 feet or more.

The company is developing new technology that will allow users to make calls as well , but a spokesperson says there doesn't seem to be much demand for that feature.

Right now, the company says its nine airlines partners have no interest in enabling voice calls, but it hopes to win them over in the future.

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