Undercover visit leaves Disney heir unhappy with happiest place on Earth ​

Calls for change to low wages and poor worker conditions

A Disney heiress claimed she went undercover at Disneyland and wasn't happy with what she saw.

Abigail Disney, 59, made the trip after receiving a Facebook message from a Disney worker complaining about conditions.

The heiress spoke with many Disney employees and was "livid" to find out some had to go home and dig through the trash for their next meal.

She said the workers aren't being treated with respect in terms of pay and otherwise. She called on Disney CEO Bob Iger to make changes.

Abigail Disney has criticized Iger in the past for the company's treatment of its lowest-paid employees. In April, she noted that Iger's pay of $65 million is 1,424 times the median Disney employee's pay.

Walt Disney World reached an agreement in August 2018 to raise wages to $15 an hour by 2021 after protests.​

Abigail Disney is heir to the Disney fortune and the granddaughter of the late Roy Disney, Walt Disney's brother and co-founder of the Walt Disney Company.