Cinderella, Millennium Falcon strollers for children at Walt Disney World

By Jeff Tavss - Executive Producer
Fantasy Strollers

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - Forget simply visiting Cinderella's castle or the new Star Wars land at Walt Disney World on your next trip, now you can take the experience one step further.

New strollers modeled after Cinderella's castle and the Millenium Falcon can now be used at the popular resort to completely immerse your children in the Disney magic.

Fantasy Strollers, which is not affiliated with Disney, designed the new Carriage and Spaceship strollers that are delivered to the park you're visiting on the day of your trip.

The strollers include custom tags for your children, fairytale rims, lanterns in some carriages and, best of all, they can be made into a bed.

The strollers are rented for eight hours and cost as little as $130 each session, or more if you order the surprise package.

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