I-10 road construction delays frustrates drivers

Project completion moved back because of median design problems


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you travel Interstate 10 between Lane Avenue and Chaffee Road in Jacksonville, you've been exposed to the many construction cones lining the highway.

It's from a construction project that's been going on since 2009. It was supposed to be finished this past spring, but the completion date has been changed.

"They've been working on it for a while, the bridge and all that, and they should have had it done," driver Brian Wall said. "Every time I go that way I'm held up and it just costs me money."

"Afternoon traffic is all backed up all the directions," driver Steve Maxwell added. "You can't get anywhere, waste gas, waste time. I understood it was supposed to be finished a year ago."

There are a few reasons for the delay of the $63.3 million project.

Construction workers are currently fixing a problem the designer made on the medians. The medians on Chaffee Road were out too far and trucks kept hitting them, damaging the concrete. The engineer on record is paying for all the costs to fix the medians.

Recent flooding created another slowdown in the work.

"Houses almost got flooded because of the project, so we had to do some immediate drainage fixes," Florida Department of Transportation spokesman Mike Goldman said. "So weather's been an issue. It's been a complicated project."

The new date for the completion of the construction project is November, although FDOT is talking about pushing that date back to January.