Large pothole on JTB leaves 10 cars with flat tires

FDOT crews repair 3-foot pothole on Butler Blvd at I-95

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – At least 10 vehicles were left with flat tires Friday morning after a hole opened up on J. Turner Butler Boulevard under the I-95 overpass.

Crews from the Florida Department of Transportation spent the morning repairing the pothole, which developed near a construction zone during Friday morning rush hour traffic.

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The hole was about 3 feet in diameter and shut down the middle lane of eastbound Butler for several hours.

Crews worked to fill in the pothole and get it repaired, as traffic was slowed down and routed around the workers.

It’s still not clear what caused the hole to open up, but at least 10 cars ended up with flat tires.

Some of the people driving those cars told News4Jax they think the hole also did other damage to their cars.

"Just a big, big bang from the tire going over the pothole. The car bottomed out, as well. You’re driving probably 45 miles per hour, so it’s a big hole for your car to bottom out when you’re going that fast," driver Rick Potter said.

Potter said he’s hoping no serious damage was done to his car, but he doesn’t know what to expect.

Many of those drivers were parked together inside the construction zone, giving their information to crews on scene, and waiting for tow trucks.

“When I went across it, my tire, I heard a loud noise and my tire busted,” driver Jeffrey Williams said. “And I heard two noises so that let me know my back and my front passenger side was busted, so I pulled over, and I noticed both of my tires were out.”

Lanes reopened by 3:15 p.m.

A spokesperson with the Florida Department of Transportation pointed out that the road surface currently in place in the area is only temporary. Construction on the area started in 2014 and is set for completion this summer.

Williams said the $67 million project is a bit of a headache, but he realizes what happened Friday could have been worse.

"I tell you what, I didn't know what to think, actually," Williams said. "I mean, I was fortunate that not only me but the other people didn't get hurt as well."

FDOT said the project is on schedule with very few delays. The flyover that will connect Butler Boulevard and I-95 will be the final phase of the project.