'Overland' construction of I-95 will continue into fall

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Drivers will have to deal with construction on Interstate 95 south of the Fuller Warren Bridge for a few more months.

The Florida Department of Transportation planned for the Overland Bridge Project to be finished this summer, but it will now drag on into the fall.

As construction progressed, FDOT officials said they were contacted about safety concerns about drivers speeding down the southbound exit to Atlantic Boulevard that meet traffic merging with Kings Avenue, so some changes were made to increase safety.

"That's a school area," FDOT spokesman Ron Tittle said, noting the merge area is near Bishop Kenny High School. "(With) a lot of traffic merging and movement through that area, we want to make sure we can control traffic effectively and safely."

With additional work, the completion date was pushed back.

While the northbound lanes of I-95 are close to completion, there's still a lot of work left on the southbound side. New lanes will be opening within the next month. With dedicated lanes separating I-95 traffic from downtown exit lanes, you'll need to make up your mind earlier which way you're going.

"People have to decide. If you're going northbound, you would make the decision point near San Diego Road, just past Emerson Street," Tittle said.

While drivers have mixed opinions on whether or not they like the changes so far, all agree that they are looking forward to a cone-free ride through the area.