Holiday shoppers stressed with Town Center traffic


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The holidays are here and if you’ve stopped by the St. Johns Town Center on the Southside to pick up gifts, you’re not alone. The parking lots and roadways are packed.

Sky4 video of the Town Center clearly shows a development boom is underway. The Daily Record is reporting that growth is bringing dozens of restaurants, businesses, and more than a 1,300 jobs to the area.

Many people are saying they like the new options but it does come with one annoying downside.

The traffic entering and leaving the Town Center is enough to stress some people out.
In fact, we came over here yesterday to talk to shoppers and they all said the same thing. They came to get their shopping done early on a Monday in hopes of missing the big crowds.
“I’m never here after 3  (o'clock) because it turns into a zoo around here,” said Jacquelyn Johnson, a Town Center shopper.
Johnson has a Christmas list she’s checking off. One thing she wants that isn’t on the Christmas list- less traffic at the St Johns Town Center. Johnson says no matter which way you go you have to sit in slow traffic.
“The two lanes are merging so you either ride the merging lane to get ahead of the traffic and sit there for a while or you just sit in the traffic until you let everybody merge over. You’re sitting at JTB this way. You’re sitting on 9A that way. Really, (there’s) no way around it at all,” said Johnson.
To make it easier for shoppers to get around, FDOT is looking at the possibility of adding a ramp connecting JTB to Gate Parkway. But that won’t happen until late Spring of next year if it gets off the drawing board.  As for Town Center Parkway, shoppers are basically going to have to deal with it, as frustrating as it is.

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