City hopes to improve traffic near San Marco Bold Bean Coffee

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Relief could soon be on the way for people in San Marco frustrated with traffic near the Bold Bean Coffee shop.

Customers of Bold Bean Coffee on Hendricks Avenue have been parking along San Marco Place, causing congestion along the residential street.

City Council recently approved a change that could ease the problem- turning San Marco Place into a “one way” street. They hope this will solve the congestion which is ultimately caused by several cars parking along the street blocking one side of the road.

Traffic troubles

Myers has lived on San Marco Place for 25 years. She says on-street parking hasn't been that big of an issue, until recently when Bold Bean Coffee Roasters opened in 2016. With the coffee shop came increased traffic and more drivers parking along the two-lane street. The issue sometimes makes the street impassable while customers go in to get their java.

“I got to the point where we park at the end of our sidewalk driveway because people are forever turning around in the street and running over sprinkler systems and bushes and grass. So we now have a car at the end of driveway that would protect our yard,” said Myers.

The law firm next door, as well as the church across the street has signs up preventing people from using their parking.

“It would be nice if the residence actually had two spaces in front or on the street where we actually have spaces on our street to park,” said Myers. It has also been inconvenient for her guests. Her family and friends have had to park down the road if they want to come over and visit.

“If we happen to see a space come available up front, I go out and move my car from my driveway to the street- that way when I have friends come over they have a place to park. Otherwise, there is no place on the street,” said Myers.

“All the sudden overnight, it became a nightmare- when you come home and you realize that you can’t park at your own house for whatever reason and it’s really affected the quality of life,” said Bruce Klimek, another frustrated resident.

He notes that the staff at Bold Bean park better than the patrons who have parked their cars in the middle of the street and also on his grass.

“I know the people that work there. I know the employees are great people, very cooperative when they park here and this little neighborhood,” said Klimek.

Bold Bean Coffee store manager, Jess Diebel, understands this problem is frustrating for everyone. “Ultimately we are here to provide coffee and improve the community."

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