Bridge of Lions will go up less often to ease traffic in St. Augustine

Operators of tourist ships agree to fewer bridge openings

PHOTO: Jerry McGuire
PHOTO: Jerry McGuire

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – If you're driving through St. Augustine, you'll now have fewer chances that you'll be stopped because the Bridge of Lions is raised for boats. 

The City Commission is moving forward with a plan to limit the schedules and routes of commercial vessels docked at the Municipal Marina whose height requires the drawbridge to open. The result will be fewer bridge openings and increased traffic flow for vehicles.

Operators of the The Schooner Freedom, The Pirate Ship Black Raven and St. Augustine Eco Tours have expressed their willingness to cooperate with the city in a joint effort to improve mobility by adjusting their schedules so as to reduce the frequency of bridge openings.

The proposed changes will limit the time of day and number of times per day these vessels will be allowed to travel north from the marina and require the drawbridge to open.

The city of St. Augustine has already announced signals to indicate when the bridge is going up to alert drivers in time for them to take detours if they choose.  Read that story here.