San Marco road could become dead end if railroad crossing closes

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In a decision that could potentially  impact hundreds in the area, the city of Jacksonville has asked to close some railroad crossings in San Marco.

According to a letter issued by the Florida Department of Transportation, the agency received applications from the city to close the railroad crossings and roads at Gary Street and Naldo Avenue. 

Traffic and flooding near Naldo Avenue is something Tiffany Ash said she faces on a regular basis when traveling to work. The potential closure of the crossing would create a dead end, which Ash fears could make things worse for drivers.

"I was here for the last couple of hurricanes, and there were literally vehicles stalled on Cedar (Street)," Ash said. "The only way for people to get out of the community was through Naldo (Avenue) and was through this exit here by the train track."

Ash believes it would also make it harder for first responders to get in to the area, however, a spokesperson with the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department told WJCT News that it would not negatively impact access routes for emergency vehicles.

Shwan Pfaffman owns a music school on Naldo Avenue and feels closing the railroad crossing could cause him problems.

"It limits the access for our students coming in and out," Pfaffman said. "This road ... gets very congested with parking."

FDOT is gathering opinions from the public through Feb. 4.

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