Polite drivers are to blame for traffic jams

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MIAMI – When it comes to traffic jams, it's the polite drivers who are to blame for the mess, according to experts.

Slowing down and getting into the correct lane early when two lanes merge to one may seem like the nice thing to do.

But many aggressive drivers who simply speed up and cut in to get ahead of the slowdown are actually in the right. Kind of.

The way drivers merge late is called the zipper method, and higher-ups with groups like the AAA say it's the best way, according to the Detroit Free Press.

When you leave a lane early, it leaves the other lane unoccupied, which is no-no.

"The zipper merge has shown to keep traffic moving more smoothly, compared to a less structured approach," William Van Tassel of AAA told the newspaper.

Believe it or not, officials with the Colorado Department of Transportation say zipper merging reduces delays by 40 percent.

So go ahead, be a jerk. The rest of the commuter world will thank you.