AAA: Back-to-school season brings added danger on the roadway

100 children are killed each year walking to or from school

TAMPA, Fla. – As kids in Northeast Florida get ready to head back to school, AAA is reminding drivers to slow down and pay attention to the road.

According to the Transportation Research Board, roughly 100 kids are killed each year walking to or from school and about 25,000 are injured.

“AAA urges drivers to allow extra time for their morning commute, and use extreme caution, even outside of school zones,” said Mark Jenkins, spokesman for AAA – The Auto Club Group. “Throughout town, students will be walking or pedaling alongside city streets on their way to-and-from school or the bus stop; and they may not be familiar with the rules of the road. It’s incumbent on drivers to eliminate distractions, slow down, and watch out for students and their families.”

To avoid an accident, AAA is urging drivers to:

  • Slow down and follow the speed limit posted in school zones
  • Come to a complete stop at a stop sign and look for students on the sidewalk or at a crosswalk.
  • Avoid distractions including your cellphone or eating while driving
  • Watch for school buses and stop when the bus has its stop-arm extended and red lights flashing.
  • Share the road with bicyclists making sure there is at least 3 ft. passing distance between your car and the bicyclist.

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