First red light cameras to start going up Monday in Jacksonville

2 cameras to be installed at Southside Blvd. at Baymeadows Road

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Starting Monday, the first of 25 red light cameras will start going up in Jacksonville.

The first two cameras will be installed at the intersection of Southside Boulevard and Baymeadows Road.

Sheriff John Rutherford made the announcement Friday afternoon, saying his office chose that intersection because it's the No. 1 high frequency crash location in the city.

The Florida Department of Transportation has approved five other red light cameras to go up shortly after these.

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They'll be on Atlantic Boulevard and Monument Road eastbound and westbound; Beach and University boulevards eastbound and westbound; and University and Atlantic boulevards southbound.

Running a red light will cost $158 and will be cited to the owner of the car, no matter who is driving.

Alex Ramero got a red light camera citation in Green Cove Springs for a car he owned while someone else was behind the wheel.

"I went to traffic court, me, probably with a dozen other people pleaded not guilty due to the fact that we were not driving the vehicle, and the judge had no choice but to throw the ticket out," Ramero said.

Rutherford says there will be a grace period at first.

"What we are really trying to do here is get people to break bad driving habits," he said. "That's why for that first 30-day period you will not actually receive a citation, you will actually receive a letter, a warning letter indicating that you ran the red light and were caught by the video system."

The sheriff said each ticket will come with a link to video of the car running the red light. He said a uniformed officer will look over every video before a citation is issued.

The city expects to take in $1.5 million in the first year.

A new online tool will help drivers figure out where and when the cameras are going up. It's at

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