Series of cars in pond draws concern

3rd car drives into Bartram Springs pond in last 5 years

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - For the third time in five years, homeowners in Bartram Springs say they saw a car pulled out of a pond at the front entrance of the neighborhood.

It's raising concerns about safety in the neighborhood.

The line of tire tracks leading to the pond Monday brings back bad memories for Terry White.

"It was pretty traumatic because we've had a few other times that cars have gone in, and it's pretty worrisome," White said.

This weekend, she watched as a tow truck pulled a car from the water, an eerily familiar sight in her neighborhood.

In March, another driver plunged in, narrowly escaping after he fell asleep at the wheel. And in 2007, a man drowned after his truck ended up in the pond.

"Oh, that was horrible, coming home one night, you know, with hundreds of people around the lake, and, you know, trucks and ambulances and everything," White said. "And come to find out, it was a young man that died in there."

It's the type of accident that Channel 4 safety expert Ken Jefferson believes can be prevented if there are measures in place.

"I would recommend a barrier wall of some sort where cars cannot go over it, where it is clearly marked, clearly seen that this is an area of concern," Jefferson said.

Concerned homeowners are hopeful something will change, but not every driver is convinced more needs to be done.

"It seems like a pretty self-explanatory system: stop sign, low speed limit, residential neighborhood," driver Scott Kehn said.

Ultimately, it's up to the community to decide if anything will change.

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