Suspect sought after crash at gas station

Man hit by stolen truck in critical condition

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Police in Jacksonville are looking for a suspect after a chain reaction crash at a gas station on the Westside late Wednesday afternoon.

Police said a man driving a stolen truck slammed into a man gassing up at the station in the 9000 block of West Beaver Street about 4:30 p.m., then careened into a motorcyclist.

The man who was pumping gas was taken to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center. The motorcyclist suffered serious injuries and was also taken to Shands.

Police told Channel 4 both the motorcyclist and the driver of the truck are in serious but stable condition.

The suspect fled, and officers were searching for him, police said.

"There's no exact manhunt going on right now. We don't know which direction the person left from this area," said Detective J.D. Gregory, of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. "He's apparently acquainted -- as far as our information -- acquainted with the owner of the van. So it wasn't a random act."

Detectives said they have a good idea who the suspect is, but they don't know why he was driving the van. The owner of the van doesn't know either. Police are searching for the owner.

"There's all kinds of reasons why people would run right now. I don't want to step out any further than that," said Detective J.D. Gregory of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Gary Cohent said he witnessed the accident and is friends with the motorcyclist.

"Oh yeah, it is a bad scene. It is a wonder some body didn't get burnt up or killed," said Cohent.

Cohent said he hopes officers catch the guy, but  more than that, he hopes his friend and the other two people involved will be okay.

"Just hopefully they'll be okay. Cause you can replace the vehicles but you cant replace them ," said Cohen.

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