Furlough-related flight delays continue


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In Gary Eiken's business, punctuality is imperative.

"When I travel for business, missing an important meeting because I'm late can be very detrimental to my career and my paycheck," Eiken said.

He said no longer can he count on the airlines to get him there on time.

"Being in sales and trying to get that meeting with the decision makers is pretty important to me, and if I miss that meeting that, it may be my last shot," Eiken said.

Travelers on Tuesday faced yet another day of furlough-related flight delays at major airports in New York, Washington D.C., California and Texas. At Jacksonville International Airport, a handful of flights out of Newark, N.J., were delayed, prompting politicians to point fingers.

Gov. Rick Scott is blaming the Obama administration, saying the delays will reduce visitor interest in Florida and hurt local business. Rep. Corrine Brown agrees with the governor, but says she has a problem with the way the sequestration is being implemented.

"The Congress needs to step back and use a little common sense," Brown said. "Common sense is what my grandmother had. She didn't go to college. Step back, stand down and give the administration the authority to make those decisions."

Some travelers aren't letting the delays get under their skin.

"It is common. You have to deal with it," frequent flyer Merly Bermudez said. "And we all have technology to check the flight at all times. It shouldn't be a problem."

Others aren't taking it sitting down.

"I think people will demand the system gets fixed," frequent flyer Paul Coffey said. "Travel is essential. I think it gets resolved soon."