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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Rush hour traffic can be an annoyance, but there's another way to help you get where you need to go on time.

Channel 4 is teaming up with Waze, a traffic app you can download on your smartphone or tablet. Users can receive crash information, congestion and reports of gas prices in your neighborhood.

Waze remembers users' commonly used routes and tells users what traffic events will be encountered on any route. The information is user-generated. If the app is running, it automatically detects speed. Users can also report incidents as they see them using a hands-free feature if they have an iPhone and are driving or by typing them in if they are passengers or pedestrians. Passengers can also post pictures of incidents.

"I'm really excited about this app because it will help me report back to viewers with what's going on out on the roadways," said WJXT traffic reporter Ashley Mitchem. "The app is free and this is exclusive -- no one else in our area does this."

Click here for a link to the Waze app for iTunes.

Click here for a link to the Waze app for Android.

To be a part of Channel 4 Waze community, join our group, called "WJXT Timesaver Wazers." Simply search "WJXT Timesaver Wazer" and click the 'plus' sign within the app. Channel 4 will be using Wazers' information during traffic reports on The Morning Show.

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