Man's tattoo tracks his world travels

Bill Passman hopes to fill in every country of his world map


Bill Passman doesn't have to look far to know how far he's traveled.

The former lawyer from Louisiana has tattooed a map of the world spanning his entire upper back, filling in countries as he visits them.

Passman, 59, has been tracing his steps around the globe for the past four years, ABC News reported.

On his blog, he said he was inspired to start his project after meeting a woman at a bar in Honduras who was marking her travels via red dots on a similar world tattoo.

Passman's map currently has 60 countries filled in.

One day, he hopes to color them all.

"I got the tattoo as a way to show my passion for travel. It's a permanent reminder of all the amazing places I've visited,"  Passman wrote on his blog.