Ditch the hotel and stay free!

ORLANDO, Fla. – If you want all the comforts of home and are open to some not so traditional ways to stay, you'll be able to save money, rest your head, and possibly even make a friend.

Next to finding an inexpensive flight, finding cheap lodging can have the biggest impact on your travel budget. Ditch the hotel and stay cheaper.

AirBNB.com allows hosts to rent their fully furnished apartments or homes to travelers which can be as low as 50 dollars a night, much cheaper than your traditional hotel.

CouchSurfing.com is a site that allows locals to share their couch or bedrooms to strangers, for free! The goal of this site is to not only help travelers save money, but for travelers to learn about the culture and interact with a local in cities around the world.

And if your family is looking to travel abroad for the summer, HomeExchange.com allows families to swap homes for a certain amount of time, for free! Some families even include their car in the exchange too!

If you're looking to stay on a farm but not work like you're on one, FarmStayUS.com allows you to do so. For as low as 40 dollars a night you can learn how a fully functional farm works, and enjoy outdoor activities. All sites do intensive verification for protection.