Memorial Day travel: Saving cash as gas prices rise

Average price in Florida is $2.91 per gallon of regular

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It's the same amount of gas coming in, but even more is going out as Memorial Day approaches, meaning drivers can expect to pump out extra money per gallon.

The cost to fill up is expected to spike and could cost families an extra $9 compared to last year.

As of May 24, the national average for regular gas in $2.96 per gallon of regular unleaded. Florida's average is $2.91 per gallon, and Jacksonville comes in a few cents lower at $2.88 per gallon, which is 62 cents higher than last year.

LINK: GasBuddy's lowest gas prices in Jacksonville

Mike Quincy with Consumer Reports said drivers can make some changes behind the wheel to save some cash.

"If you're sort of a lead food like I am ... you can see fuel efficiency drop by another five to seven miles per gallon," Quincy said. "If you want to stretch your fuel economy dollars, you'll have to slow down."

Quincy said drivers can also save money taking the following steps:

  • Keep luggage in the vehicle and off the roof, as it increases drag
  • Limiting air conditioning use
  • Use apps like GasBuddy, Fuel Finder and AAA to find the cheapest price

Don't forget, only put premium gas in a vehicle that requires it. Consumer Reports found no advantage to putting premium in a vehicle that only needs regular.

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