Delta, Alaska & Southwest rank among best U.S. airlines

Carriers grade on arrival times, comfort, ticket prices, among other factors

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While most travelers probably prefer the airline that offers the cheapest fares, a new set of rankings gives Delta an edge over its U.S. rivals.

The rankings, published Tuesday by The Points Guy, graded American carriers based on how often their flights are on time, how affordable their tickets are, cabin features and customer satisfaction.

“Delta was the big winner, with 92.7 percent of planes arriving on time, the largest network of lounges and cities served, and several other strong suits,” the authors explained in their write-up.

The Atlanta-based airline was trailed closely by Alaska, which came in first in 2018 and boasts the best frequent-flyer program, and Southwest Airlines, which led the way in customer satisfaction.

Even though bargain-hunters typically seek out the best prices, the airlines that offer them didn’t perform so well in these rankings. In fact, Allegiant, Spirit and Frontier rounded out the bottom three.

The authors noted that Frontier came in last in part because of its frequently delayed flights, tendency to bump paying passengers and “the highest rate of complaints per passenger.”

View the complete list and write-up by visiting The Points Guy.

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