Favorite toys to entertain kids on a plane

6 toys voted the best in recent study

By Jennifer Waugh - The Morning Show anchor, I-Team reporter
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Rainbow Looms

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Keeping your children entertained while traveling for vacation can be hard.

In fact, take a look at these numbers according to a recent study by British researchers:

  • 60% of parents don't think they could keep their kids occupied for more than 30 minutes on a plane.
  • 25% say they worry about their kids bothering other passengers on the plane.
  • 50%¬†of parents were concerned about their kids not being able to sleep on flights.

Now a group of British researchers has found the best toys to keep kids entertained.

1. Loom Bands were the most popular with kids -- 80% of the kids in the experiment wanted to play with them.

2. Play-Doh kept kids occupied for more than 40 minutes during the experiment.

3. Legos

4. UNO cards

5. Finger puppets. Kids use imagination, so it keeps them engaged.

6. Sticker books

Notice none of these involve tech toys.

Researchers say they also found that dolls and stuffed animals were not as effective as games and activity books.

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