Gas $1.84 a gallon in Jacksonville?

Radio station, Gas Can Man offer promotion to first 150 drivers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A local radio station offered a temporary solution Thursday to drivers feeling the pinch at the pump.

Talk Radio 600 WBOB and Gas Can Man cut the price of gas at one Citgo station back to what they said it was when President Barack Obama took office -- $1.84 per gallon.

Gas at the Citgo station on Beach Boulevard in St. Nicholas started at $3.67 on Thursday morning, but at noon, 150 drivers lined up to get up to 15 gallons of gas at the new low price.

"I got here at 9:30 this morning," driver Karan Manson said. "I dropped my husband off at work, picked up some coffee, and I came early because I expected a fairly long line and I wanted to be toward the front of the line."

The last time gas prices were that low was in January 2009.

"For my truck to get some gas, 'cause it drink too much. Feels like someone is in the gas tank with a straw," driver Rayford Hartley said of why he lined up at the station.

The radio station and Gas Can Man promoted the event all week and announced Thursday morning that the Citgo was the token location. WBOB sales and marketing executive Alexis Kimball said the station was excited to hold the cheap gas promotion just in time for the 2012 presidential election.

"It's a big thing, especially with the election year and this time of year," Kimball said.

Some were at the cheap gas giveaway to make political statements, but all in all, most were just thrilled and thankful.

"I'm unemployed, so to save $18 to $20, that's important," Manson said.

According to Consumer Reports, white the average price for a gallon of unleaded the week President Obama was inaugurated, it had reached its all-time peak price of $4.11 the previous July.

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