Gas prices jump 20 cents in Fla. in 1 week

Industry experts say rise unusual for this time of year

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Drivers hold onto your wallets. It's the middle of a gas price spike, and according to industry experts, prices at the pump are only going to continue to rise.

AAA reports that gas has jumped nearly 20 cents in just the last week in Florida, putting the pinch on those who rely on gas every day.

Seth Barr would rather not think about it, but every time he reaches for his tools he's reminded that operating costs are shooting through the roof. Like millions of others, Barr relies on gas for just about everything.

"You use the mowers, blowers, the edgers, those sorts of tools," said Barr, of Holistic Gardens.

Barr said if gas prices continue to rise, lawn professionals like him may have to pass on the costs.

"It does affect the profits you might make," he said. "It if goes much past $4, I'll look at adjusting the prices slightly."

It's difficult to find gas anywhere in Jacksonville for less than $3.54 a gallon right now. Analysts say the high gas prices are unusual for this time of year, but the rise in crude oil prices and lack of refinery capacity is to blame.

The average price of gas has jumped 14.4 cents in the last week, to $3.48 nationally.

"So I do about 60,000 miles a year, so obviously it's an issue that's concerning for me," driver Doug Hubbard said.

Hubbard delivers medical equipment every day, and there's nothing he can do to limit time on the road. He's counting on gas prices evening out.

"It makes me very nervous as how they go up so fast and don't go down so quickly," he said. "So I guess everyone is trying to make a profit, hopefully not at our expense."

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