Helping stranded boaters get back to shore

Sea Tow: Like road service for your boat

By Bruce Hamilton - The Morning Show anchor
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - You're out on the water. Cool breeze running through your hair; not a care in the world.  Then you run out of gas, have a dead battery or there's something mechanically wrong and all of a sudden you're stranded a long way from anywhere.

Every boater's been in that boat at one time or another. What to do?

"Well, the best advice for stranded voters is to have a VHF radio on their boat, that way they can contact either the coast guard or commercial systems that come in the system," said Capt. Mike Haas from Sea Tow. "Cellphones are good to if your inland but a lot of times if your too far off shore or your in some back creek somewhere you don't have cell service."

Remember, it's safety first. Among the things you should do when you become stranded:

First: Put on your life jackets.
Second: If it is an emergency, call the Coast Guard.
Third: Give your location and body of water.
Fourth: Anchor your vessel if possible.

If it's a non-emergency a company like Sea Tow can help

"We're fully equipped for towing, gas drops, jump starts, salvaging vessels if they sink raising them re-floating them and getting the customer back to where he launched from or his home port if he breaks down on the water," said Haas. "We go off shore, in shore, intracoastal rivers all through Jacksonville down to Georgia to St. Augustine."

Captain Mike says don't rock the boat. Be patient. And they'll come and help you out of your predicament. Sea Tow is like the road service for your car... Only this company comes to rescue you on the water

Haas told News4Jax: "We sell a annual membership, similar to like AAA."

Sea Tow's number is 1-800-SEATOW.

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