Safety measures to take at hotels

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Before you head off on your next vacation or business trip, experts say take specific measures to ensure your safety, while staying at a hotel. Experts say, just like you would secure your home, take similar safeguards when staying overnight at a location other than your personal residence.

"Just like you would at home, you always want to give the perception that somebody is here," said safety expert Eddie Gonzales. "Because you never know if there might be an opportunist, a thief, that somehow, was able to gain entry."

Though there are no national figures on how often hotel crimes happen, it's estimated that when they do, they are mostly thefts.

Gonzales said making yourself less vulnerable, begins at check-in.

"Security wise, it's always better if you have a room that is at least second floor or up," Gonzales said. "It's more difficult for someone to get in through the balcony, the higher up you are."

Gonzales also after checking in to your room, survey they room and double-check locks on windows and doors, to ensure they are engaged and working properly.

When away from your room, Gonzales recommends leaving a television on, and keeping the "do not disturb" sign on the door, both of which give the illusion that the room is occupied.

Finally, Gonzales said, utilize the in-room safe, and pay special care around the hotel parking lot, where break-ins tend to happen when luggage is left in vehicles.

"These are all basic things that you should be doing, in every part of your life, to keep yourself safe," Gonzales said.

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