Valentine's Day

You won't find a bouquet sweeter than this for Valentine's Day

Popular candy bouquets sold at Walmart

By Stacy Shanks - Social Media Producer

(Credit: Walmart)

Want to win over the love of your life on Valentine’s Day with a bouquet?

These candy bouquets from Walmart will do just that. 

Just imagine handing your partner a bouquet of 36 packs of Reese’s peanut butter cups with faux orange flowers.  

Nothing says I love you more than that. It’ll cost you $44.99, though. 

If peanut butter cups aren’t their thing, there are other options available at Walmart.

KitKat, $59.11

(Credit: Walmart)


Twix, $55.99-$69.99

(Credit: Walmart)


Twizzlers, $55.99 - $67.99

(Credit: Walmart)


Baby Ruth, $55.99 - $64.99

(Credit: Walmart)


Ferrero Rocher, $53.78  

(Credit: Walmart)


M&M, $38.29  

(Credit: Walmart)


More options available here.

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