Hot weekend on tap

Tempuratures to build to mid-90s


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Weather Authority's meteorologists expect temperatures to build to the mid 90°s Saturday afternoon, with heat index temperatures ranging between 100�°F and 107°F. Those are slightly less than heat advisory conditions.

"Southwest winds between 7 and 12 miles an hour do us no favors this afternoon, stifling any cooler sea breeze that may attempt to build and allowing even our coastal zones to climb into the low 90's this afternoon," said Channel 4 meteorologist Rebecca Barry.

Barry said there is a 30 percent chance of storms.

"Our earliest chances for rain are from showers around the Big Bend area currently tracking east. Our more significant chances for rain are this afternoon," said Barry. "If you drew a line from Valdosta to St. Augustine, our southwest wind will push most of our chances for showers to be along and to the north of that line."