This Week's Weather

Mild Temperatures

This week, expect a few chances for showers and generally mild temperatures.

Monday brings the warmest temperatures, with afternoon highs in the upper 70's- approaching 80°. A frontal system looming to the North and West of Jacksonville, heads through our area late Monday.  This brings early isolated chances for showers, and later scattered chances for thunderstorms.  Overnight rain is a possibility.

Tuesday will be a day of transition, with clearing skies and temperatures barely reaching 70°.  No chances for showers, especially by the late mornig hours. 

Wednesdaywill be quiet, sunny, and mild with temperatures reaching the low 70's, low chances for rain, and a nice light breeze.

Thursday, another cold front heads through the Southeast, bringing chances for showers and storms in addition to breezy conditions and cloudy skies.  Behind that cold front- expect significantly chillier temperatures.  That will dip our overnight lows into the upper 30's- but not below freezing, as we head into next weekend.

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