After warm week, cold weather invades


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – You want more warm weather? I have one word for you: "forgettaboutit!" The warm weather is gone for the next week or so as one of two strong cold fronts make their presence known starting immediately Thursday evening.

The cold front came through Thursday afternoon causing temperatures to crater; dropping from an afternoon high of 75 degrees down to 55 degrees in a matter of three hours. Some of the coldest temperatures we've seen this month are in the forecast for Thursday night: 38 degrees! Highs tomorrow will struggle to reach 60 degrees with northerly winds driving in the cooler weather.

Unlike most arctic cold fronts, we're not going to clear out for very long. If computer models are correct, the clouds and showery weather could be in the forecast for Saturday with only slightly warmer temperatures through early next week.

Our next cold front is scheduled to push into the region by Tuesday bringing with it a reinforcing shot of cooler air. The computer models have backed off the strength of the cold front and therefore we have taken the possibility of a freeze out of the forecast for now.