Groundhog day & Super Bowl Sunday forecast

A chilly start to the weekend

A freezing start kicks off Super Bowl Weekend
A freezing start kicks off Super Bowl Weekend

JACKSONVILLE, Fl – Happy Groundhog Day- in case you hadn't heard, Phil didn't see his shadow- so that supposedly indicates an early Spring, as opposed to an extended Winter.  You can check out how accurate Phil is here:  http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/special-reports/groundhog-day.php#phil

Saturday started off below freezing for most, and under an Inland Freeze Warning until 9:00am.  Temperatures dipped into the chilly mid twenties at their lowest, in places like Lake Butler, Fargo, and Homerville.  Jacksonville got down to 31° around sunrise this morning, while the beaches and coastal areas only ventures into the upper 30's.  Calm winds overnight and clear skies contributed to last night's rapid cool down, and will aid in a nice warm up today.  You'll notice significantly less wind today than yesterday. Today's winds will approach 6mph out of the North, before becoming more variable and light in the afternoon.  Afternoon highs will be firmly in the mid 60's this afternoon to the West of I-95. We will hit 64° in Jacksonville.  Coastal areas will struggle into the low 60's for afternoon highs.  No clouds, and no rain on Saturday.

Around midnight, moving into early Sunday morning, a few clouds will accompany a dry cold front pushing through our area.  You may wake up to a few clouds, but expect sunny skies Sunday, with milder overnight lows in the upper 30's and low 40's.  The biggest change will be the additional of breezy conditions, possibly prompting a small craft advisory for 20-60 nautical miles.  Afternoon highs will reach the mid 60's with no chance for showers.

For Super Bowl Parties- temperatures will be in the 50's for kickoff, and drop into the low 40's by the time the game wraps up - definite jacket weather for grilling and leaving the party, but no chances for rain.

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