Soggy Weekend

Showers & thunderstorms move in Saturday & Sunday

1-3" of rain over the weekend is expected
1-3" of rain over the weekend is expected

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Unsettled weather expected throughout the weekend and beginning of the work week, resulting in 1-3" of rain from the weekend.

A TUTT Low, which stands for Tropical Upper-Tropospheric Trough, is tracking to the North of our area- putting us on the wet side of the system.  The TUTT Low will bring lift, or instability along and to the East of the Mississippi river all weekend long. And becasue it is a low pressure system, areas of high pressure move towards it, resulting in a constant stream of warm, wet, tropical air from over the Atlantic towards the trough.  All of this adds to passing showers and thunderstorms for our area all weekend long.

Rainfall totals through Sunday will range from 1-3" area wide.  Southeast Georgia's rainfall totals will be heavier than Northeast Florida's.  

Saturday started out with showers along the Gulf, moving East.  By sunrise showers were along I-75.  As temperatures heated up, showers and thunderstorms became more intense.  Hail, lightning, and strong gusts of wind characterized the strongest storms Saturday afternoon.

As temperatures cool Saturday night, the storms will be much less intense, some fading altogether.  Passing light showers are possible, but not as likely Saturday night and early Sunday morning.  

Sunday's rain will be similar to Saturday's, with passing showers, cloudy skies, and some intense thunderstorms during the afternoon hours.  Rainfall totals by Sunday night will cause minor flooding in low-lying, and poor draining areas.

Looking ahead to Monday & Tuesday, the wet weather continues- with a more Southerly shift in the heaviest rain.

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