Tropical Depression Four

An increase in convection & organization

The forecast track as of 5:00am Wednesday.
The forecast track as of 5:00am Wednesday.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The National Hurricane Center declared tropical depression four early Wednesday morning after an increase in convection around the well-defined center of circulation.  Wind speeds near the center of circulation are estimated at 30 knots. 

Tropical depression four is moving to the West-Northwest at about 20mph. Its current location is 13.9N and 28.1W.  Rapid intensification seems unlikely with this depression, as it moves over slightly cooler waters over the next few days.  Models suggest development into a weak tropical storm by the weekend.  During the day on Saturday, and into Sunday, the depression moves into an area with a considerable amount of wind shear, which will also deter intensification and any further organization. Forward motion is forecasted to be rather quick, nearing Puerto Rico early Monday morning.  

No watches or warnings are in effect yet at this time. Another update from the National Hurricane Center is expected at 8:00am Wednesday.

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