Warm temperatures and scattered showers

Heat index temperatures reaching the triple digits each afternoon.

Hot temperatures and afternoon showers
Hot temperatures and afternoon showers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Monday began with a few coastal showers wandering onshore and to the Northwest.  They faded as they moved onshore and did not result in much measurable precipitation.  Under partly cloudy skies, temperatures climbed into the upper 80's by lunchtime.  As the temperature difference grew between the land and the ocean, the sea breeze drove inland. By 2:00pm, the sea breeze front was just to the West of I-95, acting as a catalyst point for showers & thunderstorms, and as a steering mechanism for showers, pushing them to the West, Northwest.  Afternoon showers & thunderstorms persist through sunset, primarily along and to the West of Hwy 301.  Afternoon highs reach the upper 80's and into the low 90's.  Heat index temperatures, or "feels like" temperatures reach 100-105°.  Winds are light, out of the Southeast between 5 and 10mph.  Expect a 40% chance for rain.

Monday night the isolated showers and thunderstorms fade by 11:00pm, leaving mostly cloudy skies, light Southeasterly winds around 5mph, and temperatures  sink down into the mid 70's overnight.

Tuesday morning, expect isolated coastal showers wandering onshore under partly cloudy skies.  Chances for rain increase as temperatures head toward 90°.  The sea breeze acts as a catalyst point for afternoon convection and herds showers inland all afternoon and early evening long.  Heat index values hit the low triple digits during the afternoon hours with 40% coverage of showers and thunderstorms.

Tuesday evening the inland showers fade after 10:00pm, resulting in a warm, moist night. Temperatures fall into the mid 70's by morning with partially clearing skies.  

Wednesday holds a 20% chance for rain after 9:00am, with fewer chances for afternoon storms.  Afternoon highs climb well into the low 90's, with increasing easterly winds during the day.

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