Nor'easter conditions kick off the work week

Breezy, cloudy, & coastal showers wander onshore

Breezy, with coastal clouds & showers
Breezy, with coastal clouds & showers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Monday started out clear for most areas, with clouds wandering onshore accompanied by strong Northeasterly winds.  Temperatures dipped into the upper 40's and low 50's early Monday morning.  Warming was slower for the coastal areas due to increasing cloud cover.  Winds were building up to 20mph and gusts of up to 30mph by the afternoon, and temperatures warmed into the low 70's.  The potential for coastal showers to wander further onshore was more significant during the afternoon.

The strong winds put coastal areas under a high surf advisory, caused unusually high tide levels, and even closed some beaches in St Johns County to vehicle traffic.  Coastal erosion could be a problem during high tide times, especially in those erosion-prone areas.

Monday evening, the cloud cover continued, keeping temperatures mild overnight.

Tuesday- expect morning temperatures in the mid 50's, with cloudy skies.  We will slowly warm into the low 70's with breezy Northeasterly winds bringing coastal showers onshore, especially after lunch.

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