Back to back overnight freezes

Sub-freezing temperatures through the weekend


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Thursday began  in the mid to upper 20s across inland areas and in the upper 20s and low 30s in coastal areas, with a Hard Freeze Waning across most of our area. A Hard Freeze Warning is issued when temperatures are expected to be below 27° for at least two hours or more.  Wind chill values dipped as low as 24° during the late morning hours as winds picked up out of the North- up to 10mph. 

After 9:00, the temperatures finally climbed above freezing- eventually heading into the low to mid 50s for an afternoon high.  Sunny skies and northerly winds from 5-10mph keep the afternoon dry & chilly. 

Another hard freeze tonight for counties along and to the North of I-10- Expect Southeastern Georgia's overnight temperatures to bottom out at 22° early Friday morning, upper 20s for along I-10, and low 30's for Gainesville to Palatka.  

Areas under the Hard Freeze Warning should take action to protect their outdoor pets, plants, and outdoor pipes.  Areas under the Freeze Warning should take action to protect their outdoor pets and plants.  All areas should take caution and ensure the safe heating of homes.  The use of space heaters overnight, unsupervised is not safe, and often leads to house fires.  Check on those who may have trouble preparing for the cold. The elderly and young are most susceptible to the cold. 

Friday's freeze ends by 10:00am, but temperatures struggle to reach the mid 40's for an afternoon high. Breezy winds out of the north peak between 12 & 17mph. 

Friday night, temperatures slip down below freezing again- with another hard freeze looming for inland areas and a light freeze for coastal areas.

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