Three months after hurricane season ends, another storm added to season


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Three months after the "no-show" season of 2013 ended, a short lived sub-tropical storm was found and added to the list of storms.

NOAA routinely reviews each hurricane season at its closure to make sure all storms were correctly documented and occasionally new storms are found. Another example of re-analysis took place back in 2002 when Hurricane Andrew, 10 years after obliterating Homestead was reclassified as a category 5 hurricane.


This storm, which will go unnamed formed on December 5th near the Azores lasted just over 48 hours reaching a peak intensity of 50 mph (45 kts) and a pressure of 997 millibars.

This storm is now the 14th storm of the paltry 2013 season in which all forecasts for a busy season were blown out of the water. The 2013 hurricane season ended as one of the quietest on record with two category one hurricanes and zero majors.

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