Wild Wednesday weather for Jacksonville

Massive southern winter storm just misses Jacksonville

Wild Wednesday weather, expect rapidly changing conditions
Wild Wednesday weather, expect rapidly changing conditions

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – The picture tells the story.  Winter storm warnings, ice storm warnings, heavy rain and possible storms for Jacksonville late in the day.  Yep, it must be "hump day".  

Grab the umbrella, keep the jacket, don't be fooled by a period of relative calm throughout the day, including sunshine, but do expect rapidly changing conditions here in Jacksonville.  

Starting off cold and damp, with coastal sea fog from Fernandina Beach northward. But, don't blink, winds will shift from a cold northeasterly wind to a light southwesterly wind, a complete 180°.  This will allow our temperatures to do a complete 180° as well.  Starting near 50° temperatures will reach into the 60's.  

But that's for Jacksonville, south of town, highs will reach to nearly 80° and in Georgia, near Waycross, they will be lucky to reach 45°.  That's a 35-plus degree spread from south to north!  

Keep the umbrella ready, despite a few rays of sunshine around lunch time, showers will dot the radar throughout the day until the evening.  That's when it gets downright stormy!  Heavy thunderstorms should rapidly move through...

Richard is up next, Blake is working the web, they will keep you informed to all of the impending wacky weather changes on this Wednesday!

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