Southeast thaws out after a freezing start

Happy Valentine's Day!

Frosty/freezing start for Jacksonville area
Frosty/freezing start for Jacksonville area

JASCKSONVILLE, Fla – Maybe it's love!  Yes, maybe all the love from Valentine's day is helping to shift the brutal cold that has gripped the eastern 2/3rds of the nation.  Then again, maybe even the cold is getting "tired" of aiming our way.  It appears the cold is moving back north, but not before one more shot of cold air and snow back across the Mid-Atlantic and New England states.

For Jacksonville, one frosty start this morning but this afternoon sunny skies will bring a spectacular, yet cool finish.  Might want to peek at the car in the driveway to see if there is any frost on it, then grab your sweater/jacket/pull over as you leave the house.

Got plans for your Valentine tonight?  Think about the cold rolling back in as the sun goes down, perfect for some cuddle weather... ;)

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