Hump day forecast

Warm afternoon, even at the beach

Could be that today is the "hump" in temperatures
Could be that today is the "hump" in temperatures

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – The brutal arctic weather pattern across the eastern 2/3rds of the United States has retreated into northern Canada.  Folks from Denver, Colorado to International Falls, Minnesota to Boston, Massachusetts, south back down to Atlanta will all remember when they all were FINALLY able to return outside.  Atlanta may touch 70°. 

It will last all of two days.  Then, it's right back into the ice box, with potentially record shattering cold across the same area.  There are even hints that the South from Atlanta to Charlotte northward will be hammered by yet another winter storm.  Timing would be mid-week next week.

Here in the Deep South, Jacksonville, we will see our temperatures "peak" today and tomorrow around 80°.  Then we too will see a gradual slide to colder temperatures next week.

Grab the sunglasses and if you work outside, some sun screen too! 

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