Pollen season officially arrives

Great weather sounds great, pollen sound like trouble

Sunny conditions will elevate pollen levels
Sunny conditions will elevate pollen levels

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Another perfect "10" on the Gaughan Gauge, sounds awesome!  Well, it is, unless you suffer from allergies.

Right now, it's all about the trees. 

Typically, pollen is released from the tallest trees, downward to bushes and then finally to grasses and weeds.  The logic here is that the deepest roots never freeze and come out of their winter hibernation the fastest.  This is why you see red buds on the maple trees, then oaks and pines all come alive.

Making matters worse this year?  The extended cold spell into the first week of March (last week).  The impact of the cold is likely to create a real explosion of pollen blooms from the trees, prior late Springs have caused massive amounts pollen, typically during the third week of March.  So, for tree pollen sufferers, be prepared for a tough couple of weeks ahead. 

Grass pollen, Ragweed too, comes later in the Spring as ground temperatures exceed 65°.  Something we will discuss later.

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