Thursday temperature throwback

Daybreak windchills in the 30s

Easily 20 colder today
Easily 20 colder today

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – One week ago we were in the midst of another nor'easter.  Cloudy, cold, breezy, as temperatures barely reached 50°.  Well today (Thursday) we will again "throwback" to breezy, cold temperatures, but this time, with sunshine!

Yesterday's high reached 80° today we will struggle to reach 60°, grab the sunglasses and a sweater/jacket/pullover and head on out into the chill.  The bigger story?  A major late winter storm roared through the Mid-Atlantic and New England states with non-thunderstorm winds that exceeded 65mph!  That same storm dumped more than two feet of snow across most of the major ski resorts there as well.

Tonight, winds settle, skies remain clear and a frosty start awaits for some of us early Friday morning.  More later...

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