Just a few wake-up showers

Large east coast storm just misses Jacksonville

Tuesday turns sunny then colder
Tuesday turns sunny then colder

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Every time we blink, it's a completely new weather day!  Watch Richard during the Morning Show and watch the radar too!  Whatever umbrella you need to get to work and school, you can put it away and grab your sunglasses by lunch!  Rapidly changing weather conditions will turn our skies from clouds to sun within hours!

The next big story?  The cold!

By early Wednesday morning a freeze will be likely for folks near and around Waycross-Nahunta-Alma Georgia northward.  Depending on whether or not winds settle down, we could see patchy frost into Southeast Georgia.  For Jacksonville, looks like a very chilly Wednesday.

And our weather changes will keep on coming!  By Friday temperatures will jump back to nearly 80°.  Stay tuned!

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