Pleasant Thursday then the rains return

Forecast models not showing high confidence

High variability in rainfall leads to low confidence in forecast

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Every day this week has been unique!  Starting with Sunshine and highs to 80° on Sunday to cloudy and 50s on Monday then down to 36° Wednesday morning.  That leaves today, which could end up being the tranquil day of this week.  It also suggests that we will see more day to day changes...

Stay tune!  Hazy sunny skies and highs near 70° today.

Then comes Friday, rains return but as you can see in the image, the "spread" or "range" in forecast rainfall amounts is large.  This is typically a warning sign that the forecast and outcome may not play out this way.  I would expect significant shifts in the forecast in terms of timing and amounts as newer forecast models become available.

More later today!

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